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Landon Halverson: 
A Common-Sense Choice for the 5th District

"I am running for the legislature because I believe in Washington State, and want to ensure that future generations can continue to live in beautiful, economically vibrant communities like the 5th Legislative District. As the male Vice-Chair of the King County Republican Party, I worked hard to unite republicans, independents, and moderate democrats on issues such as fiscal responsibility, funding law enforcement, and protecting access to natural gas. As a member of Issaquah's Economic Vitality Commission, I have seen first-hand the ways that overregulation and lack of support for small businesses can hamper the ability of businesses to thrive. I believe that it is time for a common-sense plan to put public safety first, stop new taxes, tackle our affordability crisis, and improve educational outcomes. Please feel free to reach out to me at 425-503-3140 or with any questions or thoughts you may have, I hope I can count on your support."

                                                                                                                            -Landon Halverson

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Endorsements and Support

-King County Republican Party (Solely Endorsed)
-5th Legislative District Republican Party (Solely Endorsed)

-Washington State Young Republicans
-Mainstream Republicans of Washington State
Local Elected Leaders:
-King County Council Vice-Chair Reagan Dunn
-North Bend Mayor Mary Miller
-Enumclaw Mayor Jan Molinaro
-Enumclaw School Board President Paul Fisher

State Representatives:
-Eric Robertson (R-Sumner)
-Stephanie Barnard (R-Pasco)
-Suzanne Schmidt (R-Spokane Valley)
-Travis Couture (R-Allyn)
-Chad Magendanz, Fmr. (R-Issaquah)
-Kathy Lambert, Fmr. (R-Redmond)

Other Notable Endorsements:
-U.S. Senate GOP Nominee Dr. Raul Garcia
-Snohomish County Council Vice-Chair Nate Nehring
-WA-08 Congressional GOP Nominee Carmen Goers
-LD5 Position 2 GOP Nominee Patrick Peacock
-2022 LD5 Position 1 GOP Nominee Ken Moninski


Landon's Priorities:

Putting Public Safety First 


    “While much of the country is seeing a drop in crime, Washington State is going the opposite direction. With police unable to pursue dangerous criminals, and theft regularly going unprosecuted, it is no surprise Washington is declining on public safety. Our communities deserve better. I believe our communities are safer when our police are supported, not defunded, and I will always back our officers in restoring their ability to effectively do their jobs. I recognize though that community safety is about so much more than just supporting our police- it's also about investing in mental health resources, supporting gang-prevention efforts in schools, and keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals.”


Policy Objectives

  • Protect and defend reasonable police pursuit, so that police can once again pursue dangerous criminals.

  • Support local police departments with state funding- Washington State ranks 50th in the nation for police officers per capita, that needs to change.

  • Invest in mental health access, including in-patient care, to serve vulnerable members of our community before they find themselves on the streets.

  • Revive the Gangs in Schools Taskforce and invest in extracurricular activities to keep young people out of gangs and away from violence. 

  • Support universal background checks on gun sales to keep guns out of the hands of known violent offenders. 

Addressing our Affordability Crisis


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve watched as the goods we buy, the services we need, and the necessities we demand have soared in price, with little relief. Being working class shouldn’t mean having to make a choice between refilling your refrigerator or refilling your prescriptions. Every month, more and more families are having to make difficult choices like these, and it isn’t right. Instead of providing relief to families feeling the pinch, our state lawmakers have packed a punch, finding new ways to raise taxes and make life harder at a time when things are tough enough on their own. The government exists to serve the people, not the other way around, and it’s high time our legislators start acting like it. 


The buck doesn’t just stop with taxes; our current state leaders continue to prioritize erroneous red-tape that makes everything from building new homes to opening new childcare centers more expensive. I believe our democratic legislators when they say they care about working families, child care costs, and housing affordability,  but I don’t believe their legislative agenda has improved the situation- in fact, I think it has made the situation much worse. 


I am running to work with everyone and anyone committed to actually making life easier for working people like you and me, regardless of the letter next to their name, because Eastside Families matter more than political infighting. 


Policy Objectives

  • Stand firmly against a state or local income tax.

  • Utilize part of Washington State's $19 Billion budget surplus to provide property tax relief to homeowners.

  • Expand and promote the Working Families Tax Credit to provide middle class families with much-needed relief.

  • Establish a low-cost, expedited permitting process for middle-income housing.

  • Provide property tax relief for primary residences, and oppose efforts to lift the property tax levy lid from 1% to 3%. 

  • Make participation in Washington’s “long-term” care plan optional. 

  • Join fellow republicans and moderate democrats in repealing Washington's tax-and-trade carbon scheme to bring down the cost of gas for commuters.

Improving K-12 Education 


“As a former teacher, standing up for our kids, regardless of who they are, where they come from, or what they need is one of my top priorities. Every child deserves a world-class education, and I believe that empowering parents, teachers, and students, not state or district administrators, is the key to making that happen. In spite of spending over $18,000 per student, just 39% of Washington State Public School students are proficient in math, and just 51% are proficient in reading- our current approach is not working. Our students need access to evidence-based curriculum that puts known methods like phonics front-and-center, not experimental curriculum that often fails to get the job done. 

Policy Objectives

  • Fund extended-learning and tutoring options for students who fail to meet academic proficiency in core subjects.

  • Support optional group tutoring for parents and legal guardians, so that parents who want to be involved are better equipped to aid their students with homework and classwork, and taught using the same methods and curriculum as their students.

  • Reestablish a statewide commitment to school choice in the form of charter schools and tax-free education savings accounts for low and moderate income families.      

  • Provide teachers with yearly $100 tax credits for classroom supplies.        

  • Encourage school districts to implement later start times for secondary students and extended recess periods for elementary students.

  • Expand Career and Technical education, such as business courses, shop courses, home economics, and more to prepare students for adult life.

  • Work with nutritionists to develop high-quality, healthy, delicious meals in schools with locally-sourced ingredients.


Make a Difference

Thank you for your interest in supporting our campaign- your support means a lot to our campaign, and we cannot thank you enough. Whether you would like to volunteer your time, or make a monetary donation, every little bit that you dedicate helps us to expand our movement.

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Join the Movement

Now more than ever, King County needs a fighter in the legislature dedicated to putting public safety first, fighting for women and families, and taking on our affordability crisis. Chip in today to keep our movement growing, and sign-up for email updates from Team Landon below:

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